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Protect Your Personal Property

As a renter, you might be responsible for accidents that cause damage to your unit or injuries to visitors.

Millennium’s Renter’s Insurance covers your liability up to $2 Million.

If it’s yours, it’s important.

Millennium provides protection for anything from your mountain bike to your laptop.

Complete Renter’s Coverage from Millennium Insurance is as little as $10/month. When the unexpected happens, you’re protected.

My friend slipped on the sidewalk and broke a wrist.

You may be liable for their injuries. Millennium Renters Insurance can cover you up to $2 Million, so your friend and friendship stay intact. Get A Quote Asset 2

My neighbour left an iron on and it started a fire. Now I’m not allowed back in until it’s cleaned.

That’s frustrating. Millennium’s Renters Insurance includes the cost of additional living expenses for essentials like a new toothbrush, hotel costs and replacement clothes. Get A Quote Asset 2

I work from home. Do I need different insurance?

It’s a great idea. The Millennium team creates customized insurance that protects your home-office in the event of a loss. Get A Quote Asset 2

My car was broken into while parked in the back alley.

Don't worry. When you buy Millennium's Renters Insurance, contents stolen from your vehicle is covered. We've got you. Get A Quote Asset 2

You have questions. We have answers.

While I was away, a power surge broke my fridge. All the food in it spoiled. Will my insurance cover the cost of replacing the food and the fridge?2021-02-01T14:39:04-07:00

Absolutely. Your Millennium Insurance policy covers up to $2,000 for spoiled food. It also covers the cost of replacing your fridge if it can’t be repaired.

I am an artist and sell my work online. Will my insurance cover my office equipment?2021-04-15T16:39:45-06:00

Renters insurance covers office equipment up to $2,500. We’ll customize your policy to cover specialized equipment like camera & lighting equipment or editing software for videographers, musical instruments or sound gear and plenty more.

My pet sitter slipped down the stairs and broke her wrist. Now, she’s suing me for loss of income. Will my insurance cover my legal costs?2020-07-07T10:57:50-06:00

That’s ruff. Millennium Insurance has lawyers that specialize in insurance and liability law. We are a powerhouse team that will protect and defend your interests. You’re covered.

Oops! I dropped a hot pan and burnt a hole in the linoleum. Will my insurance cover it?2021-02-01T14:43:33-07:00

Yes. Accidents happen. Millennium Insurance understands.

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