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Millennium Insurance provides customized Home protection for you, your family and everything under your roof.

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Missed the net but nailed my neighbour’s window.

That’s a wild one-timer. We cover the cost of repair, so when it comes time for your neighbour's next BBQ, you'll still (probably) get invited.

The delivery guy slipped on the ice from last night’s freezing rain.

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Still have questions?

Does my home insurance cover my trailer?2021-04-15T16:28:34-06:00

Let’s make that happen. At Millennium Insurance we can cover your vacation trailer (RV) under your home policy no problem at all.

A graffiti artist mistook my fence and garage for a canvass. That’s neat. Does my insurance cover the cost of removing it?2021-01-11T15:55:55-07:00

That’s vandalism! Subject to your deductible, it’s covered by your  Millennium Home Insurance policy.

Smoke from a wildfire has saturated everything in our house. Does my insurance cover the cost of removing the smell?2021-01-11T15:56:43-07:00

It sure does. Smoke damage from wildfires/forest fires is covered in your Millennium Home policy.

My surveillance camera recorded a porch pirate stealing a package. Will my property insurance cover the loss?2020-07-02T14:04:42-06:00

Yes. Subject to the deductible, your Millennium Insurance policy covers theft—even if it happens on your porch.

How does insurance for special items work?2022-10-28T14:17:15-06:00

Things like rings and cameras can be expensive. At Millennium you can purchase additional insurance to increase the limits. In the event of damage, destruction or loss, Millennium Insurance’s team of experts will help make sure your Scheduled Items are covered—often with no deductible.

If you’re unsure if something should be considered a scheduled item or you need extra coverage for your special stuff, we can help. Give us a call at 1-866-467-1245.

My daughter’s laptop was stolen from her dorm room. Will my property insurance cover the loss?2021-01-11T16:32:23-07:00

Absolutely. Millennium’s Home Insurance policy covers dependents that live away from home to study full time.

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