Winter Driving Tips to Keep Safe This Season – From Your Alberta Insurance Company

Winter driving is part of life in Canada. At any time during this cold season, Canadians will experience whiteout conditions, mechanical problems, or black ice while going about their busy lives. Even the best winter weather driver cannot control all aspects of driving, including the actions of others on the road.

The team at Millennium Insurance wants you to stay safe when driving this winter. From Edmonton to Calgary, our 100% Canadian-owned insurance company also wants to ensure that Alberta traffic is as hazard-free as possible. Yet, we realize that accidents will happen whether from the elements or due to the negligence of drivers.

How to Keep Safe While Driving This Winter

You can take back some control by preparing for emergencies and reducing those potential dangers that occur while driving with these helpful tips:

  • Prepare Your Vehicle for the Season: Think proactively and get your vehicle ready for the flurries. Ask your mechanic to inspect your car’s battery, ignition, brakes, spark plugs, and install snow tires. It is a good idea to make sure the tire valves all have caps. Consider installing winter wiper blades and top off your windshield-washer fluid. Keep an eye on the antifreeze, transmission, and brake fluids, too.   
  • Carry an Emergency Kit: Changes to driving conditions can overtake you quickly. Having an emergency kit can help if you are stranded. Items to carry include:
    • Snow brush
    • Ice scraper
    • Snow shovel
    • Blankets
    • Flashlight and extra batteries
    • Hazard markers or flares
    • Candle and matches
    • Non-perishable high energy food like granola bars
    • Contact information from CAA or a local towing company
    • Booster cables
    • Sand, salt, or kitty litter 

For added security, let someone know where you are going at all times. Keep your cell phone on you in case you need to alert family or friends where you are and what happened.

  • Prepare for Each Drive Beforehand: Before you are ready to head out the door, use a little common sense to avoid potential accidents.
    • Try not to drive if you are tired as you are at an increased chance of having an accident.
    • Check out the local weather conditions.
    • Avoid any unnecessary driving whenever possible.
    • Dress warm and in layers. Keep a spare blanket in your car for emergencies.
    • Remove all snow from your car before you leave.
  • Reduce Potential Dangers When on the Road: Defensive driving tactics are helpful in inclement weather.
    • Accelerate and decelerate slowly to maintain and regain traction on ice and snow.
    • Give yourself plenty of braking distance.
    • Avoid using your cruise control on slippery pavement.
    • If conditions are unsafe, take an alternative route.
    • Do not overexert yourself to push or dig your car out of snow if you are stuck.
    • Stay with your vehicle if you get stranded.

Reach Out to a Dependable Insurance Agent in Millennium Insurance in Alberta

Stay safe this driving season with a little preparation. Also, be sure you have the right coverage for your car to protect you and your needs. Millennium Insurance is dedicated to protecting the residents of Alberta. We also want to keep the local roads safe, from Camrose to Leduc to Sherwood Park.

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