The Importance of Home Insurance – Your Local Insurance Company Explains Why You Should Have It

Your home is one of your most essential investments. It contains your belongings, your prized possessions, and, most importantly, your family. Should a disaster occur that affects your home, are you prepared?

At Millennium Insurance, we want to ensure that all our customers are covered for loss. Securing a home insurance policy is a crucial aspect of being a homeowner or a tenant. Neglecting to do this could lead to significant losses for your household. Take timely action to ensure that your home is covered against destructive events, from theft to vandalism, and natural catastrophes. Whether you live in Leduc, Sherwood Park, Calgary, Edmonton, or any of the surrounding cities in Alberta, we can get you the coverage you need.

5 Reasons to Purchase Home Insurance Today

Whether you own or rent your home, do not wait until the worst happens to consider buying home insurance. The following are 5 of the top reasons residents should always be insured:

  1. StormsFrom snow to sleet, hail, or flooding, a fierce storm can wreak havoc on any property. Alberta has its fair share of major storms, including hail storms that break windows, tornadoes that result in roof damage, and floods that destroy basements. You never know what kind of storm we might experience here that could cause serious damage to your home. You cannot prevent these natural disasters from manifesting, but you can certainly ensure that your property is covered when they do.
  2. Fire – No one likes to think about a fire in the home, but these tragedies happen every day. Losing your personal property to a fire can be a devastating experience. You will not be able to replace priceless family heirlooms and old photos, but you can replace many of the essential items you need to live. Even if you have a solid emergency fund in place, your home coverage could help to replace major appliances, furniture, and electronics.
  3. Theft and Vandalism – Having your home invaded or vandalised is scary. When you are properly insured, at least you may be compensated for items stolen or damage inflicted on your property. Being violated is enough of an indignity without also being forced to cover all the loss you have suffered.
  4. Other People – Another issue that homeowners and renters face is the potential for injury to a guest. If a guest or uninsured worker is injured on your property or the home you rent, you could be liable for that person’s medical expenses. Instead of leaving such possibilities to chance, you can obtain a home insurance policy to cover this sort of issue.
  5. Mortgage and Landlord – If you get a mortgage, you may be required to obtain home insurance. If you are a tenant, getting renter’s insurance could be a requirement of your lease. You might only be expected to purchase minimal coverage to meet the terms of a loan or a lease. In most cases, however, it is in your best interest to purchase a broader level of coverage.

Consult a Knowledgeable Broker about Home Insurance

Covering your home and your guests against loss is an important responsibility. As a homeowner, you owe it to your household to be sure that you have sufficient coverage. If you are a renter, you need coverage that protects you against loss. Millennium Insurance is proud to be a 100% Canadian-owned company, and we truly understand the needs of Canadian residents.

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