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Driving is a rite of passage in adolescence. Countless teenagers eagerly anticipate the day when they can get behind the wheel of a car. As a parent, you might have mixed feelings about this looming event. While you may wholeheartedly support your kids when they experience the thrill of freedom on the road, you might also fear for their safety.

The team at Millennium Insurance wants every member of your family to be free from harm. As a 100% Canadian-owned insurance company, we also want to ensure that Alberta traffic is as hazard-free as possible, from Calgary to Edmonton. However, we know that no one can prevent the occasional accident from occurring, and that is why proper auto insurance coverage is so critical. We also encourage you to assist your teens as they learn the rules and the reality of driving.

How to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Parents can take many steps to help their teen children become responsible drivers. Here are some tips worth following:

  • The Right Vehicle: If you opt to buy your teenager a car, be sure that it has a proven safety record. The vehicle that your child drives should be easy to navigate. Stay away from small cars. In a collision, your teen is likely to sustain fewer injuries in a larger vehicle than in a car with a compact design.  
  • Driving School: Whether or not your adolescent has a licence yet, you should still make arrangements for driving school. A professional will be able to impart information and insights that a parent simply might not know. No matter how long you have been driving, a trained, impartial instructor can provide hours of invaluable guidance to your teen.
  • Your Knowledge: Although your child may be taking driving classes, this does not mean that you do not have much wisdom worth sharing. You might offer your child many useful tips, such as taking extra care in bad weather. Before you allow your teen to get behind the wheel of a car, make sure that you discuss the dangers of driving without a seatbelt, texting and talking while driving, speeding, and driving while sleepy.
  • Nighttime Driving: Driving at night can be particularly challenging, and an inexperienced driver should avoid doing this. The ability to see potential hazards will be more limited after dusk and before sunrise.
  • Passengers: Limit the number of passengers that your child allows in the vehicle while driving. The chances of a driver becoming distracted increase with the number of people present in a car.   

Getting Your Teen Insured

You can take a variety of actions to help your adolescent stay safe while driving. One of the most important steps is to purchase automotive insurance. Millennium Insurance is dedicated to protecting the residents of Alberta. We also want to keep the local roads safe, from Camrose to Leduc to Sherwood Park.

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