Time to Go Snowmobiling – Suggestions for Enjoying the Season by Your Local Alberta Insurance Agency

Winter brings many reasons for pleasure and enjoyment – Christmas, New Year’s, and snowmobile season. Alberta is a playground for many snowmobile enthusiasts with more than 5,000 km of trails and over 140,000 registered machines. There is no wonder people enjoy it so much as it is an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed winter activity for the whole family.

Snowmobile insurance in Alberta

Many catch the powder-induced winter sports bug by starting out on guided tours. Soon after, they are strengthening their abilities by renting a snowmobile by themselves, and finally, they dive in wholeheartedly and buy a machine of their own. At Millennium Insurance, we can help you enjoy the trails with peace of mind by insuring your equipment. Whether you live in Leduc, Sherwood Park, Calgary, Edmonton, or any of the surrounding cities in Alberta, we can get you the coverage you need.

Suggestions for Snowmobile Ownership

Often, the trail to snowmobiling starts with tours and rentals. Once comfortable with the sport, many take the next step and buy a snowmobile. Here are some suggestions for purchasing and maintaining your new-found passion:

  • Purchasing a Snowmobile
    • Purchasing a snowmobile is similar to buying a car or boat. You can buy it new or used from a licensed dealer. When buying used, ask your mechanic to inspect the machine.
    • There are many features to choose between – engine size, options, and seating capacity. Types of machines include (in order from new driver to expert):
      • Entry-level or trail model
      • Touring
      • Performance
      • Mountain
      • Crossover
    • Of course, some of the key responsibilities that come with owning a snowmobile are registration and insuring your vehicle. Speak to a licensed insurance agent in Edmonton to find the best policies for your needs.
  • Snowmobile Maintenance
    • In order to enjoy many seasons to come, maintenance is fundamental. At the end of the season, look over your machine for damaged, worn, or missing parts. Before you hit the trails next season, keep this checklist in mind:
      • Check for cracks, worn down hood latches and windshield fasteners.
      • Look at the skis to make sure they are straight and not excessively worn.
      • Do not add new fuel to old. Drain any old gasoline first.
      • Clean the carburetor.
      • Check drive belts and repair as needed. Keep a spare belt when riding.
      • Lubricate all fittings.
      • Look at the track tension and the track itself.
      • Make sure the throttle, brake, hydraulic and oil cables are fastened securely. Check for wear.
      • Replace chaincase oil and top off all fluids.
      • Look at the pull cord. Change it if you see that it is frayed.
      • Check all lights and make sure they work well.
      • Read your owner’s manual for other requirements.
    • If you are not comfortable maintaining your vehicle yourself, utilize the services of a certified mechanic.

Contact a Knowledgeable Insurance Agent about Snowmobile Insurance at Millennium Insurance

Protecting yourself and your equipment is essential to enjoying the season on the trails. As a responsible snowmobile owner, you owe it to others to make sure you have the coverage you need. Millennium Insurance is proud to be a 100% Canadian-owned company, and we truly understand the needs of Canadian residents. We work with you to protect you and your riders in case of an accident.

Whether you live in Edmonton or Calgary, we will get you the snowmobile insurance you need. Call us at (780) 467-1500 or 1-866-467-1245, or send an email to info@millenniuminsurance.ca. Also, please feel free to use our online contact form for assistance.

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