Protect Your Business and Your Livelihood with Commercial Insurance

No matter if you employ several hundred employees or you are a single entrepreneur, you should protect your business from those liabilities that can threaten your brand and viability. Commercial insurance can help mitigate those threats and unfortunate events that can happen. Would you be able to recover if you lost all your critical business equipment to fire? The right coverage can help you get back to serving your clients and customers quickly after a significant loss.

Commercial insurance in Alberta

Acquiring adequate coverage is just one step to keep your company moving forward and serving your customers despite unforeseen interruptions. Whether you conduct business in Edmonton, Calgary, Leduc, Sherwood Park, or any of the surrounding cities in Alberta, our agents at Millennium Insurance can get you the coverage you need.

Types of Commercial Insurance to Safeguard Your Company

While having commercial coverage is important, it does not have to be complicated. Here are the basic types of coverage you can purchase and how they protect your business:

  1. General Liability This coverage is a fundamental key to your insurance program. It helps cover liabilities from damages that can occur during business. Some examples of potential claims include slips and falls on the ice at your property or employees causing property damage or bodily injury to others. You may have to obtain General Liability coverage if you rent or lease commercial space. It provides added protection if you are sued by a third party.
  2. Property – Another fundamental component is Property Insurance which protects items like buildings, tools, and equipment. It safeguards your property in the event of fires, theft, or water damage. It helps to repair or replace damaged business equipment.
  3. Business Interruption – Everyone needs a contingency plan, and a Business Interruption policy can help fill in the gaps after a severe event that causes lost profits. It helps you continue to operate while recovering from the loss.
  4. Commercial Vehicle – If your company owns or operates vehicles, you will need Commercial Vehicle Insurance to protect cars and drivers alike. As a reminder, if you are a solopreneur, your personal car policies will not necessarily pay for claims from your business operations.
  5. Small Business – Even if you do not employ more than 50 employees, it is a smart idea to purchase commercial insurance. For example, doctors require Malpractice Insurance, but other service providers like hairstylists, therapists, and even pet groomers would benefit from malpractice protection. Another example is Errors and Omissions Insurance for professionals like accountants, consultants, and bookkeepers.

Speak with a Trusted Insurance Agent about Commercial Insurance

Covering your business against loss is an important responsibility. As a business owner, your commercial enterprise is your livelihood, and it needs to be protected. Millennium Insurance is proud to be a 100% Canadian-owned company, and we truly understand the needs of Canadian residents. We specialize in serving small and medium-sized business in Alberta.

Whether you live in Edmonton or Calgary, we will get you the commercial insurance you need. Call us at (780) 467-1500 or 1-866-467-1245, or send an email to Also, please feel free to use our online contact form for assistance.

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