Is Combined Insurance the Right Choice for You?

You have a home insurance policy through one provider, but your automobile insurance is through another. You got great deals on both, so why would you ever cancel one and combine with the same company? You might be surprised at just how much more you save with combined insurance services form St. Albert insurance providers. Insurance companies specifically offer discounts for customers who have more policies with them; therefore, the more you have, the higher your annual discount. In the long run, you could save hundreds per year, and much more than the few dollars per month you save scattering policies between different carriers.

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The Benefits of Combined Insurance Policies

Insurance companies offer promotions for combining your Leduc home insurance and car insurance into one. Not only does it ensure that existing customers go to them for all insurance products in the future, but it is cheaper for them to offer you a discount than try to get new customers. This benefits you considerably too, and here are just some reasons to combine your policy:

  1. Loyalty Savings: If you stay with the same insurance company and have multiple policies, you save even more. Loyalty discounts are significant among insurers today, and they will reward you for staying loyal to their brand. Some insurance companies continue to add more savings the more years you stay so that you may be able to acquire discounts with each annual renewal.
  2. Fewer Hassles: If you have multiple insurance policies through different companies, you must contact different companies when you need to file a claim. Also, you have various payments to manage. Some companies may automatically deduct from your bank account while others require that you pay online or through a mailed-in ticket. With one insurance company, you have one payment for all your policies; so there’s less to remember or deal with each month.
  3. One Renewal Date: Multiple policies from various insurance companies means tracking renewal dates and avoiding any costly gaps in coverage. With one company you have just one renewal date and fewer risks for going uninsured because you missed a renewal.
  4. Easier Claims – Say you accidentally crash your car in your garage. You would need to access your automobile insurance and homeowner’s insurance. However, you have two companies handling these policies. Therefore, you would have to work between two claims adjusters just to settle the damages. When you have both policies through the same company, you make one phone call, deal with one claims adjuster, and you receive your settlement faster.

Reap the Benefits of Combined Insurance in Alberta

If you are ready to combine insurance policies and stop juggling multiple companies, let the team at Millennium Insurance Corporation help. We offer everything from automobile to property insurance in the Edmonton area, and we can help you find the best providers so that you save even more.

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