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In order to keep our customers and staff as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of our team is working remotely. As such, our offices are presently closed to walk-in clients. We are committed to providing the service you have come to expect from Millennium Insurance throughout this event. We will continue to monitor the situation and will announce when our offices have reopened. In the meantime, we would be pleased to serve you by phone or email, and you can also get quotes for auto and home insurance here on our website:
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5 Types of insurance that can protect your business

If you’re planning on starting a new business, protecting yourself against exposed risks and unforeseen accidents with the right commercial insurance coverage is just as important as your everyday home and auto insurance. At Millennium Insurance, we’re committed to providing excellent commercial services in the case of damages, theft or legal action for small to large business in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Here are some types of coverage that you should consider when investing in commercial insurance with us.

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Should I purchase rental car insurance?

When you’re travelling, rental car insurance is the last thing you want to spend your time figuring out. Whether you’re on vacation or a business trip, you’d probably prefer to focus on where you’re going rather than making sure you’re insured while getting there.

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What to do if you’re a victim of car insurance fraud

Have you recently been involved in a car accident that seemed suspicious? Would you know what to do if you were involved in a fraudulent scheme? The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) estimates that insurance fraud costs policyholders, insurers and Canadians around $1 billion a year. The team at Millennium Insurance Corporation—we’re a car insurance provider servicing Edmonton and surrounding areas in Alberta—wants you to know what to do if you’re a victim of insurance fraud.

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Actual cash value versus replacement cost: what you need to know when buying home insurance

Although we all hope that we never have to make a claim, home insurance is an absolute necessity. At Millennium Insurance Cooperation, we want to make the process of purchasing home insurance in Alberta as simple as possible. So, here’s what you need to know about the difference between insuring your house at actual cash value or replacement cost.

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Understanding Insurance Fraud – Crucial Tips from Your Alberta Insurance Company

Insurance fraud costs policyholders millions of dollars a year in higher premiums. Anyone can become a target. Understanding how you can protect yourself against insurance crime is vital to preventing it. Reporting this crime can help stop the repeated abuse of the insurance system.

The team at Millennium Insurance encourages you to take steps to guard against insurance fraud. As a 100% Canadian-owned insurance company, we want to ensure that Alberta residents reduce their risks of accidents and potential fraud.

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6 factors that influence the cost of your auto insurance

One of the details that often go overlooked when buying a new car is: how much am I going to pay for my insurance? Insurance premiums are a major cost for any potential new car owner. It’s important to consider the various factors that contribute to the overall cost of owning your vehicle. Let the experts at Millennium Insurance Corporation show you the best way to shop for your car while getting the lowest auto insurance rate possible in Edmonton or Calgary.

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Protect Your Business and Your Livelihood with Commercial Insurance

No matter if you employ several hundred employees or you are a single entrepreneur, you should protect your business from those liabilities that can threaten your brand and viability. Commercial insurance can help mitigate those threats and unfortunate events that can happen. Would you be able to recover if you lost all your critical business equipment to fire? The right coverage can help you get back to serving your clients and customers quickly after a significant loss.

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Is Combined Insurance the Right Choice for You?

You have a home insurance policy through one provider, but your automobile insurance is through another. You got great deals on both, so why would you ever cancel one and combine with the same company? You might be surprised at just how much more you save with combined insurance services form St. Albert insurance providers. Insurance companies specifically offer discounts for customers who have more policies with them; therefore, the more you have, the higher your annual discount. In the long run, you could save hundreds per year, and much more than the few dollars per month you save scattering policies between different carriers.

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What Damages Does My Home Insurance Cover?

Alberta homeowners and business owners have felt the impact of natural disasters. In the past few years, Albertans have experienced huge losses through events such as the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires, 2013 flooding in Southern Alberta, and 2012 hailstorm in Calgary. Millennium Insurance has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses recover with sound insurance coverage and 24/7 claims reporting. If comparison shopping for your insurance policy makes your head spin, talk to your Millennium Insurance representative. We can help design a custom insurance package that provides you peace of mind in an uncertain world.

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How to Lower the Cost of Insurance in Alberta

One of the questions we often get asked at Millennium Insurance Corporation is “How do I lower my insurance costs?” Whether you’re seeking coverage for your home, auto or business, we’re experts on insurance in Alberta and we’ve assembled some tips here for you on how to lower your premiums. Perhaps the best advice we have to give is to never be afraid to ask your insurance provider questions. You’d be surprised at how many people never communicate with their insurance company and miss out on the discounts available to groups, to good drivers and to people with a good credit history. Hey, you never know until you ask!

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Winter Driving Tips to Keep Safe This Season – From Your Alberta Insurance Company

Winter driving is part of life in Canada. At any time during this cold season, Canadians will experience whiteout conditions, mechanical problems, or black ice while going about their busy lives. Even the best winter weather driver cannot control all aspects of driving, including the actions of others on the road.

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Time to Go Snowmobiling – Suggestions for Enjoying the Season by Your Local Alberta Insurance Agency

Winter brings many reasons for pleasure and enjoyment – Christmas, New Year’s, and snowmobile season. Alberta is a playground for many snowmobile enthusiasts with more than 5,000 km of trails and over 140,000 registered machines. There is no wonder people enjoy it so much as it is an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed winter activity for the whole family.

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Everything you need to know about landlord insurance

Becoming a landlord can be a great financial option for a lot of people. It’s a consistent way to make your money work for you and buying real estate is almost always a safe investment. Like any other big investment, you’ll want insurance to protect you against unexpected losses. Of course, buying property that you plan to rent out in Edmonton, Calgary, or anywhere else in Alberta is always a risk. That’s why purchasing landlord or property insurance from us at Millennium Insurance Corporation in the Edmonton area is a great way to have peace of mind when it comes to your property.

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How to get the most out of your insurance if you are high-risk

If your auto insurance provider in Calgary or Edmonton has deemed you an insurance risk, it may make your life noticeably more difficult—or at least more costly. Once you’ve been deemed “high risk,” fewer insurance companies will be willing to insure you and, when you do get insurance, your premiums will be significantly higher than others.

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Nobody looks forward to the day that their insurance will finally come in handy. With the amount of paperwork to fill out, you might wonder if it’s even worth filing a claim at all. We here at Millennium Insurance Corporation understand the frustration you feel when filing a claim with your homeowners insurance in Calgary and Edmonton. Let us show you how easy it can be to have your claim resolved in no time.

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The Importance of Home Insurance – Your Local Insurance Company Explains Why You Should Have It

Your home is one of your most essential investments. It contains your belongings, your prized possessions, and, most importantly, your family. Should a disaster occur that affects your home, are you prepared?

At Millennium Insurance, we want to ensure that all our customers are covered for loss. Securing a home insurance policy is a crucial aspect of being a homeowner or a tenant. Neglecting to do this could lead to significant losses for your household. Take timely action to ensure that your home is covered against destructive events, from theft to vandalism, and natural catastrophes. Whether you live in Leduc, Sherwood Park, Calgary, Edmonton, or any of the surrounding cities in Alberta, we can get you the coverage you need.

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Crucial Tips from Your Alberta Insurance Company

Driving is a rite of passage in adolescence. Countless teenagers eagerly anticipate the day when they can get behind the wheel of a car. As a parent, you might have mixed feelings about this looming event. While you may wholeheartedly support your kids when they experience the thrill of freedom on the road, you might also fear for their safety.

The team at Millennium Insurance wants every member of your family to be free from harm. As a 100% Canadian-owned insurance company, we also want to ensure that Alberta traffic is as hazard-free as possible, from Calgary to Edmonton. However, we know that no one can prevent the occasional accident from occurring, and that is why proper auto insurance coverage is so critical. We also encourage you to assist your teens as they learn the rules and the reality of driving.

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